About Our Dogs



Amica at SAREX

Amica is a Kooikerhondje! She is one of the smaller dogs on the MBSD team, along with her fellow Kooiker friend, Toni, but has a large, charismatic personality and a lot of drive. We are excited to say that she has recently certified in wilderness area search with her handler, Susanne! This young, beautiful girl is known for her speed and eagerness to please, as well as to climb on any large rock, downed tree, or stump she comes across - especially when she gets a treat for it. Amica is sweet, willing, and a dedicated sniffer - it is a comfort to know that she is available to search for us, if ever that need may arise. She is sure to go far!



Marcy, a Border Collie, and Doc's older sister, is certified in Human Remains Detection (HRD). Few dogs have the intense focus and drive that Marcy possesses when on the job, and Marcy and her handler Miranda have worked several successful searches. Still young, and as a search dog for the Monterey County Sheriff's Search and Rescue team, Marcy is sure to have many more searches in her career. Marcy is famous for her award-winning “smile” and enjoys dock-diving for tennis balls in her spare time!



Max is one enormous, goofy, black Labrador. You can usually find him loping along a grassy trail, tongue out, and paws flying. He is one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet! Max is currently certified, with his handler Pat, for wilderness area search. He is very dedicated to sniffing down those who are lost, and is always so excited once he finds them. Max is known for his wonderful, agreeable, and happy personality!


This expressive, green-eyed boy is filled with energy and is always excited to get to work. Recently certified with Monterey Bay Search Dogs in wilderness area with his handler Ashley, this ambitious Pitbull mix is eagerly pursuing an additional career in Human Remains Detection (HRD). In his down time, Popeye is always up for a good game of tug, and enjoys joining nice, long hikes in the woods!



Ace is our youngest dog on the team and is already making leaps and bounds (literally) in his training for wilderness area search with his handler, Kate. He's incredibly driven, and abundantly enthusiastic about just about everything. Ace will surely go far in his discipline! When he's not training, this little black Labrador can be found romping around Kate's ranch with his big brother, Blu, and looking around for ducks. He's a love-bug and we're all excited to watch him grow!


This beautiful Golden Retriever is in training with his handler, Johnny, for wilderness area search, and has so much fun you'd never guess this is his job! Older brother to Ace, Blu can run around for hours, and nothing sounds better to him when he's done with his training than a nice roll in some mud puddles. A fan of retrieving, swimming, tree climbing (yep...), and bone chewing, Blu is one well-rounded guy and we definitely see great things ahead for this charismatic boy!  



Doc, a Border Terrier, is Marcy's happy-go-lucky little brother. In training for fire-arms and ammunition detection, Doc is set to have a career with his handlers, Tim and Miranda. He may be another of MBSD's smaller dogs, but that does not stop him from putting his all into every training session in which he partakes. He truly enjoys his job and is looking forward to the career he has ahead of him. Famous for his eternally spunky personality, Doc wins over many he meets!


Emmi, a thoughtful little Catahoula/Queensland mix, is in training, with her handler Serena, for Human Remains Detection (HRD). This young girl is methodical about her work and is progressing nicely! In her spare time, Emmi enjoys long hikes in woods and long naps in her house just about equally!



Shadow, a German Shepherd, is in training for Human Remains Detection (HRD) with his handler, Jeannie. He is a big guy, young at heart, and has lots of energy to spare! He never seems to be having a bad day. Shadow has a heart of gold and always gets excited for his trainings!


Toni, another Kooikerhondje, is Amica’s friend. Already a certified therapy dog, Toni is now also in training for Human Remains Detection (HRD) with his handler, Susanne. He is an eager worker and loves to attend trainings. Toni is a pretty sensitive little guy, but he loves to sniff his way through underbrush all the same. This stunning boy is known for his laid-back, delicate personality. And, he is always willing to accept lots and lots of attention!



Daisy is a yellow Labrador and has been trained in the disaster and wilderness search and rescue disciplines. She and her handler, Steve, have worked many search cases in their career together here in California, and have even deployed with FEMA to hurricanes Katrina, Ernesto, and Gustav. Daisy steals the hearts of everyone she meets thanks to her adorable face and equally adorable personality. She is rather famous for her “embarrassed” trick, where she rolls over and hides her face in her paws! Daisy has recently retired and is enjoying a well-deserved break after a long, rewarding career.

Rest in Peace, Daisy


Search Dog Kai

Kai (Emma's patient older brother) is a yellow Labrador and is trained for wilderness area search and rescue. He recently retired from search work after his many years volunteering with his handler, Chris, on the Santa Cruz County and Monterey County sheriff’s search and rescue teams. At about 10 years old, Kai has had quite the career, with many searches and several finds to his name! Now, Kai helps out at trainings - showing other dogs, and new handlers, how wilderness searching is done! Kai is famous for his happy “grin” when he sees someone he knows.